Conflict between "Mongol Palace Guard" and "Siege Engineering"

I came here to report a small bug while using the Khaganate Palace. Even I considering the worse landmark civ, since the random drop unit is sucks and small amount for age 4, I had some headaches during the matchs to create Sieges with “Man-at-Arms”.

After more than one hundread games with mongol, one the most important skills is the “Siege Engineering (Improved)”. The point here is the select conflict between “Khaganate Elite Palace Guard” (PG) and “Man-at-Arms” (MAA), because when PG is selected the button to siege is disappear.

Lets check the prints screens:

  1. when just have MAA, every think ok:

  2. when both units where selected, the siege buttons disappear:

  3. double click on a specific mongol units, select both (mongol and chinese) and to make matters worse they get mixed up in formation. Therefore after mixed is not possible select to create the sieges.

  4. for the last alternative, I select one MAA, select the siege and then double click to all MAA make the siege. Even so the PG disturb the MAA to build.

This is a specific mongo age 4 bug, but I hope it help the gameplay