Conflicts with other programs, 2 mins into game. Unplayable

2 minutes into game, it conflicts with some program and then I have no option other the quitting. Any fixes?

I am also having this message pop up. I am still trying to find answers.

I have this problem too i don’t know what i can do to resolve it

The update has fixed the problem for me.
I can now play without the message popping up after 2 minutes.

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I bought age of empires on steam the day the game was released. Looking so forward to play the game once I start to play the game in just about a 1 minute or 2 it throws me out of the game. It say that I have some antivirus or some bull crap that is proventing the game from running. I know I am not the only one having problems can someone please help me out here?

@lgndNatedog There’s a game update today which should resolve this issue. Please let me know if it fixes your issue.

Cool thanks!! I will definitely let you know. I actually uninstalled my antivirus software completely and when I did that the game worked just fine so. Hopefully this update works so I can reinstall it.