Confluence Relic spawn is unacceptably imbalanced

It seems painfully obvious that any map that involves rivers have crippling imbalance issues. HRE is a faction that lives and dies based off relic control. However, I just played a 3v3 game on Confluence, where the map was basically like this. My team was on the West side of the map, vs the opponents on the East side of the map:

I’ve drawn in the river dividing mark of this map. Notice anything about where all the relics are on this map? Here, I’ll circle them.

There are 9 relics, and 7 of which are all on their side of the river… Which is of course, walled off very early on. The map seed here is 762fe29e. Such a gross imbalance here is quite simply unacceptable, and I have no idea how its even possible to spawn them this badly, unless thats just the idea for this map.

Thank you @Sentenal! I especially appreciate the map seed. We’ll check into this.

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