Congrats Balance Team and Dev's

You have created a brand new game with so much potential, hope, and enthusiasm behind it, that in another month, will have the same amount of players as a 20 year old game with the same name. Way to set the bar high.

Hope all the advertisements and that time square stuff got you your money.,813780#1m

While I agree that some questionable decisions have been made regarding priorities in bugs and balancing and even in the general implementation process, I dont think you are seeing the whole picture. A lot of people dont play this game on steam but on Xbox gamepass since you can get it for a few bucks for at least 3 months.

Also while I am still sceptical - at least with the next hotfix the most gamebreaking bugs and exploits should be finally removed. I dont know about others but I stopped playing just because of this but im already exited to play again after the Hotfix drops.


I can respect that, and feel somewhat the same. Hopes are just not high.

I honestly thought this might have been a sarcastic post. It probably would have been if I, or a lot of other people had made it, but after reading, it seems that you are genuinely congratulating them. Each to their own I guess. I think the game released too early, has way too many game breaking bugs, and the balance changes weren’t thought through too much. That’s just my opinion though.


It was sarcasm, and I know that on the internet it is hard to discern. My dislike for the current game experience is mirrored by my hope that it gets better. Afterall, they did already take my 60 bucks. Both opinions, I don’t think, are mutually exclusive. But it was intended as sarcasm with a complete dislike of the game in its current condition, and the approach the team has gone with correcting the problems. I am super disappointed that this was a paid for, non pre-release/beta game.

I feel they took our money too soon.

You don’t count with the microsoft store players (as me). However this kind of games (rts) never had a big playerbase.

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congrats you broke the game even more… yay (=_=)/
(actually playing and having fun but still the game is broken)