Just wanted to say CONGRATS AoE IV Team!. Relic, World’s Edge, Microsoft and everyone involved.

After all the catastrophic posts, people calling the game a dissaster, disappointing, bad, etc etc etc. You endured and got a big step towards bringing back such an iconic game franchise so beloved by so many. Such task must be nerve wracking.

Not to say everything’s a bed of roses, but among a loud minority I believe there’s a silent majority that just want to give some kudos to you and wish you the best of luck in release and post launch support for Age of Empires IV!


This game is not bad or disaster but also good and fun. I know it has some problems but I trust the devs that they will support the game long time like age of 2 and age of 3. :slight_smile:


I currently see it as 85% and 85%. And what is the difference between Top Critic Average and Critics Recommend on this website?

man this game will blow up once we get hands on the modding tools

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Just wait for Steam rate.

didnt cyberpunk have similar reviews? what matters is gonna be ratings from actual players.


Happy and looking forward to Thursday. My most anticipated game of the year. Big history nerd so need to go through the campaigns first lol.


I wonder if any of those 80+ reviewers tried to rebind their keys and found out that completely unrelated commands are all stuck together under the same key due to the horrible grid system;

Or if they actually played a competitive match and found out that the tiny dot on the icon that is the sole way to identify which level of tech upgrade doesn’t really cut it when you’re not on a leisurely paced match against the AI;

Or if any of them failed to cripple their adversary on a hit and run attack because they targeted the wrong building since they all look the same;

Or thought that the early 2000’s unit models and shoddy animation aren’t befitting of an AAA priced game;

Or how many times they kept trying to zoom out while they were already at max zoom out levels;

Or, you know, any of the major issues that were identified since early beta (if not before).

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Waiting for more reviews. Score Is going down slowly.

Yes community members are decreasing the score :rofl:

I’ll not give my review and i don’t Say anything against developers. Simply i’ll wait to buy this game.

Game is a sucess.

It give a new revolution to the rts world.

i hope so too, but dont forget what happened to aoeo or aom