Congratulations and Thank You

This post here is just to say Congratulations and Thank you to the developers.

Yesterday I bought the Afrikan Royals DLC (which is still expensive in my region - Brazil - compared to the price of the game - AOE3DE = R$ 14,79 / TAR = R$ 20,00 - LOL).

I played some multiplayer games with the new civilizations, and wow, what a pleasant surprise, in addition to the units being extremely well designed, the gameplay of the civilizations is very different from what we are used to, opening up several possibilities of strategy, cuz just like the USA the Africans can choose very different paths during the age up (Today i’m not a good player, just a average one, i dont know if the civs are OP ou weak, but, for sure, they are fun).

In addition, the possibilities of alliances were very interesting, giving access to different types of units, which can differ from game to game. Really really good and innovative for the series. I hope new mechanics arrive with the nearby Civs (Waiting for Brazil).

Yesterday I also bought Dawn of the Dukes, i’ll play the campaigns, but, AOE3 civs, i guess, take more time to design, and are more disruptive. So here come my Congratulations and Thank you.

Obs: Put some fair prices here in Brazil, The prices is very strange nowadays.

Sorry for my english.


Glad you are enjoying the DLC! The devs are doing a fantastic job with the game.

The pricing for your region is unfortunate so hopefully things will get sorted out eventually. Not sure who’s to blame for it either.