Congratulations to devs

Applauses to dev. You did a wonderful job. All civs, including the variants, are amazing. Thanks also for putting the variants as a dropdown menu.

The water and new biomes are incredibly beautiful. The design of the units and landmarks as well.

The new maps looks fun. The gameplay and strategy will completely change. It’s a new beginning for Age 4. Thanks devs, looking forward to start playing.


Yes, must have been a lot of fun for the devs to create this expansion! It’s the best addition to an AoE game ever, imo (from what I have seen so far).

I almost feel ashamed to have only payed 14,99€ for all this upcoming entertainment.



BTW, variable shield patterns for cataphracts is nice. Maybe that could extend to other units, and also weapons (like I’m not a fan of a whole group of units holding long-shafted hammers, maybe some of them use poleaxes)


This is the selection menu:



The dlc looks really good. I thought variant civs is a good concept in theory but waited till i can see the actual gameplay. But from the streams you can see that the variant civs are well designed and they seem to make lots of fun to play. I personally will be playing less AoE2 and switch back to AoE4 now.


They probably listened to the feedback and changed it so that the variant civs are under a dropdown menu. Judging by the game play from streamers, this expansion looks a lot of fun!

Good work developers! Looks to be probably the best expansion ever made in any AoE title yet, and for only 15 euros! Amazing!


The japanese civ is my favorite, it is so well designed!

I saw some people asking why samourai don’t have Katana.

Did you know Japanese have access to a castle age tech that switch their weapon to a Katana?

I think that is such a cool design, as it shows how samourai changed weapon over the ages. Historically Samourai didn’t use Katana at all in earlier ages.


Nah, developers are not to be congratulated. Poor graphics, console-like quality. And soundtrack remains audible even when game is open in the background. I mean, talk about beginners’ mistakes!


The changed the water too? Aha, didn’t notice.

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@Merryweather123 Moderate language and avoid disrespect in criticism.


You guys are not really fans of democracy and freedom of speech, are you?
Online forums are a place for freedom of speech, even - and in fact especially -if you don’t like what someone has to say.
So to sum things up:

  1. You remove my post on contradictory grounds: once you say it’s off-topic and another time you tell me if’s disrespectful. It’s neither of those things.
  2. You make it impossible for players to leave the game lobby, when the match has not even started. So players are forced to either play a map that they don’t like or face your kindergarten-teacher cooldown sanction. Talk about disrespect to your PAYING customers!
  3. You don’t even have the decency to allow new subscribers to post their own posts, probably because you are scared of their opinions and thus try to build a yes-man community.
    Well my first few days of playing this game have me calamitous and I will speak my mind whether u agree with it or not.

Well it is their site and forum and also freedom of speech would allow you to express your opinions and criticsms but it isn’t for you to say or act however you like.

There are still forum rules and guidelines for us all to follow.

Usually Ad Hominem etc are no allowed as an example.


Why would you leave the game lobby right after you joined it?

Not very good sportsmanship.


You have had a post deleted for disrespecting the devs.

You can criticize whatever you see fit, but always maintaining the coexistence between users and without disrespect.

My personal experience tells me that those who go around asking for “freedom of speech” are usually those who want “freedom to disrespect”. In this forum there are rules and they must be followed. I hope everything is clear.


Last time I checked Relic was not operated by the federal or state government so freedom of speech does not apply. They are a private company, just like if I came to insult you or your family, you would be justified to kick me out of your house.

Also idk if you’ve seen anything about this forum, but it is the opposite of a Yes-man forum. This post is like a needle of optimism buried in a haystack of negativity.

In regards to the topic, I am pleasantly surprised by how a lot of the variants turned out. I was a bit doubtful, especially of the Jeanne civ.


Could be, or they’ve always had it that way. We have never seen before what they planned for the menu to look like.

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I don’t think its dropdown. I think it’s just an arrow in front to show its a variant

Ya, it has an arrow and it’s underneath the base civ, kind of like indented like

→ Jeanne

Idk why forum formatting doesn’t let me add spaces

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The biomes? Yes, beautiful.

But the water? It looks worse. The ship reflections, which were already extremely hard to see with the default camera angle, got completely removed. Why? Who knows! This is from Age of Noob’s videos which usually show the very best side of AoE 4 graphics: (5:19):

They simply added some transparency to the surface which wasn’t there before, but objectively the water looks worse and I don’t know what cool aid you’re all drinking. I read these things and it’s like I’m in an alternate reality.

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Water looks good !!!