Congratulations to the winners of the May 2022 Map Making Contest

Hello all,

On April 23 I announced a map making contest for the month of May 2022! After two rounds of judging, it is my pleasure to announce the winners of the event! 25 entries were submitted, but only 6 made it through to the final round!

The final round of judging focused on 5 different maps seeds that were randomly drawn for each map, and marks were given to each map based on four different criteria. With 5 judges scoring 4 criteria each out of 10, a total of 200 points were available for each entry.

Coming in third place, with 155 points, it is @Adne8145 with Frisia!

Coming in second place, with 157 points, it is @Gnaeus9517 with MirrorRandom!

And the winner, with 160 points, it is again @Adne8145 with Holy Island!!

A huge congratulations goes over to the winners, who will be contacted via discord regarding their victory shortly!

A big thank you to all of the judges! FollowGrubby, Lidakor, FitzBro, Beastyqt and Szalami!

And finally, a big thank you to all the map makers that submitted entries to this contest! It was an absolute pleasure exploring all of the entries and I look forward to the next map making contest, hopefully next time, with a sponsor and a bigger prize pool!



Scoring for Round 2:


Congrats to you as well for the initiative.

And BTW good luck with The Outback Octagon. It’s realy fun to watch. The FFA is savage.


Congratulations to Adne and Gnaeus!

Thanks for putting this on Aussie Drongo. The contest inspired me to finish something - I haven’t done that in a long time when it came to modding.

I hope to see a future map contest. We’re all getting better.

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Congratulations to everyone :slight_smile: You all made very cool maps.

Please make more modding events. They bring very nice content to AOE4 and are great for the modding community.

What i like is that some maps will make it into tournaments.

  • One such map was played in this weekend woliolo qualification and was well received.