Connection Lost (C00T01R-1X-13 52656C6903A8)

This is the error in Turkish language.

So far I tried:
uninstalling and installing game again.
Logging out and in to xbox app.

None of them worked out.

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I do have the exact same problem. I even tried installing it on another pc, but it still has the same error…

Any solution yet? got the same error (C00T01R-3X-01 52656C6903A8)

Not quite sure if it was the final solution, but it worked again after i restarted my internet-router.

Same for me, playing on Steam. Did someone already fixed this issue ?

Hola tambien el mismo problema y sin solucion. HELP

dsmartnet ile sorun yoktu…
ttnete geçtim bugün aynı sorun şuan bende de var.