Connection lost / Reconnecting

I own the game on Steam.
Almost every time I’m playing online match (I’m playing usually 1vs1) I got error message “Connection lost” and then “Reconnecting” and game freezes for few seconds (usually it happens in the middle/beginning of a match).
My connection is stable and I do not expierience such issues in other multiplayer games.
The most confusing thing is that it happens only once during the match.
I’ve checked this site: but nothing helped.
I also allow incoming communication on TCP Port 8888 and UDP Port 9999, as well as Port 3478 (UDP & TCP) and Port 5222 (UDP & TCP) in firewall settings but it didn’t help either.

I would be glad for help, thanks.

I have same issue, how do you solve it ?

It is happening the same to me. I’m using windows 10. I play in brazilian server. The first hour of a match is ok. But after that it starts losing connection and reconnect continuously.
This problem started recently.