Conq 2 Map hacker 单向发光二极管 doesn't get banned

Yesterday we played a 4v4s ranked with an Ayyubid player who seemingly saw the whole map. Customer support didn’t do anything after we reported him. I recorded the most obvious points, are you able to take action based on that? @SavageEmpire566

He literally runs away from units in fog of war and attacks buildings & units he should not see.

His profile:

The match:

The video:


Unfortunately there are a lot of hackers in game…

A few time ago I thought there was rare to find one, but right now I suspect in almost every game a chineese player is on it, and usually when I review the game in fact the player is cheating.

It’s uncouraging to play like that. Also, based in my personal experience, 100% of cheaters I’ve found are chineese players. This is not racism but it’s a fact.

In that point I wish we can select the regions we want to play, and for sure I would exclude asia until Relic resolves this.



You should simply just take a look in this forum and you will find out that hackers are not exclusively from China. Currently, they may have the biggest trouble with it. But, honestly your post here seems at least a bit biased.

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Yes, I’m biased, but I’m biased by the fact that (as I said), in my personal experience all the cheaters I’ve found are chineese people. I know there are not only chineese people cheating, but for some reason they seem to be the majority.

Just right now I’ve played a match where one of them (a level 4 smurf account in a team of 3) was map hacking. And it was chineese…

This kind of situation is getting out of control, since in the last months I’ve found A LOT of people who does that. One of them is a low level smurf who has the map hack.

@Carry_Potter_woll in other thread explained, how people just create new steam account, share the game with family share, then enjoy your hacking without any consequences. If they got banned, they would just create another account.

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People may certainly suffer from biases due to the very nature of being human.

But you can’t discredit another human trait which is pattern recognition.

Every cheater I have encountered so far has hailed from the same location.

If you want to report a player, please use this link, the forum is not created for this type of thread. Thank you

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