Conquest mode for Quickplay

After a long game of blackforest 4v4 via Quickplay the game was taking a side very very slowly. After two hours there finally was a change developping and we took out our first enemy player.
But meanwhile one of the enemies build a wonder. Because there were so many sounds going on i didnt even notice the wonder being started.
Maybe i’m being ###### but i wish there was a Conquest option for Quickplay, to disable relic and wonder victory.
Then it will all depend on civs, strategy and trade.

Would it be possible to give Quickplay an option for Conquest playstyle?
And would it be possible to have a message appear in the centre of your screen ‘Player 2 has started building a wonder’ something like that?


And also I wish there would be a normal win mode for rank game so that we can build wonder to win

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Why not just play on ranked? It has some benefits:

  • Much more players = quicker finding new games.
  • You aren’t match against every skill rating. The system tries you to match against equally skilled players. As result games are much more balanced in ranked.
  • It uses conquest!

It has no real drawbacks at all.

Instead of changing this part of quick play i would wanna suggest to just delete this mode from quick play. Let quick play be for against AI only.


It sounds like the enemy team won because of better strategy?

If anything, if I was in a 2 hour black forest game I’d be begging for a wonder option.

And as @WoodsierCorn696 said, you can just play ranked.


I think we need a vote here.

I usually play ranked games . On closed maps and sea maps, a game can last forever till somebody gotta go. I hoped there were other options to end the game.

I played quickplay too, and i think wonder win is a common strategy there. On the maps Michi and team island, there are people fast imp and build wonder directly


Totally agree. In Team Game Amazon tunnel even although you research spy the game can still last forever. Time to enable wonder win

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didn’t Hera do that yesterday?

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i’m not interested in ranked, it makes me way too nervous.
i prefer quickplay.
let’s get back to the topic…

Do you know the difference between Ranked and quick play?

  1. Ranked match you based on a skill rating (so you get more balanced match ups), quick play only matches on availability (which result in more unbalanced games).
  2. Ranked used conquest as victory condition, quick play uses standard victory.
  3. Quick play offers also things like playing against the AI, which isnt part of ranked.

I never understand the anxiety for ranked. I dont understand where it is coming from. It seems to be mostly based on having a number used for getting balanced games. Which is for me the main benefit over quick play.

You also see this ingame: Quick play has much higher waiting times, while being less constraint. This means that the number of players using quick play is really low. People just prefer getting balanced games over unbalanced games.

Some people see the “standard” victory condition of Quickplay as a variety. Since they have “conquest” in ranked, it’s nice to have the “standard” at least there. It allows the use of some more strategies.

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Quick play also have hidden elo

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This is a rumor and i havent seen any proof until now. Only fact i know is that quick play doesnt use unranked elo, which was used in the past in the lobby. Most people who claim there is an hidden elo refer to this unranked elo.

I agree with you. Actually quick game is so bad that it does not use any skill rating to balance the team and just match on availability. I think this information are needed to be spreaded so that if people want to enjoy a more fair game they should go rank game