Conquest of World Map

Hi everyone!

I have created a map patterned after the Geography of Planet Earth for Age of Empires DE. It’s a huge map designed to look like a world map with 7 continents and recognizable areas. Fun to play as single player against 7 other AI opponents or Multiplayer! Everything is pretty recognizable if you’re familiar with the globe. I often play this map Explored because it’s nice to know what region I am playing in. Have fun!


7 Continents - North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Austrailia, Antarctica

Plus: the Middle East, India, Cuba, and Greenland

Starting Positions: NA, SA, Greenland, Europe, Africa, China, & Austrailia

All continents have shallows walkways and are accessible by land troops without water transports

Played and Balanced


North America

South America





Version .03 now available allowing you to select different colors after correcting a bug

I also made something like this back in the day on the old Age ^^ but probably not balanced.

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Flat earth confirmed.


I’d really like to find some players to join me playing this map. add me on steam: l8WpnsofKungFu