Conquest victory condition change

I think the actual victory condition for Conquest is bad for ranked. It ables toxic behaviours like stretch games already lost.

So, the goal is found an idea to make ranked games more healthy.
First idea I think is by population: Once “loser” player’s population down below 20% of total population starts a cowntdown similar to the wonder o relics’ mechanics.
For example, If “winner” player is 200 pop, loser player would have 50 pop when the countdown starts
When countdown finishes the match is over.
If the % rises again the countdown stops.

I think the general idea isnt bad but i just see flawless and thats by the Definition of conquest and as it stays a gamemode that requires total destruction and conquering over an opponent and i dont think the timer would help the core idea and also the principal of conquest as it feels unecessary

Besides the semantic issue you have, the real problem is when a player stretches a match specting a drop or just be annoying

Should be 10% of population
50 pop vs 200 pop is still winnable

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Also hiding the last few villagers thing, it only happens at low ELO, so I think 10% pop countdown + Spies is more than enough to combat the issue