Conquistadors Nerfed in Latest Patch

I don´t understand why they have nerfed the conquistadors. This was the change:

  • Conquistador -1 Pierce Armor (Elite unchanged)
    Its a very costly unit that can only be made in Castle Age (when its more overpowered) at hig risk as you can´t play standard feudal war if you pick stone from late dark/early feudal. Now they are extremely vulnerable to elite skirms. Before you needed a good ammount of them with balistics but now only a few skirms (which are one of the most civ bonus-improved units) to counter them. I don´t know what others think about this but I think this was an unneccesary change within the latest patch.
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The change was for the best. Conqs were arguably the best UU in early Castle (and they’re still great), but were pretty hard to counter outside of monks/xbows, which some people aren’t that good with. They’re still great for running around and sniping vills, you just can’t afford to be as careless around skirms/xbows (yet you can still avoid them or mix in siege). Conqs were also the one-trick pony that frankly carried the civ a little too much, and constrained the other ways in which it could be buffed. So a moderate nerf to conqs opened the door for the new gold bonus which makes the civ a little more interesting. Anyway, it’s a tradeoff of the civ being slightly worse when it gets to conqs, but slightly better in all other situations.


If anything, they need more buffs for the elite version, the nerf was really okay.
But the elite version is really lackluster, expecially for 1200f 600g


I think that the issue is the price. The unit itself is alright, but the upgrade cost needs to go down. Something like 900f 500g might be okay.


How about +1 range for Elite Conquistador.

Conquistadors were, and are still OP in castle age, because most conq pushes are festyring mangonels to deal with skirms.

If anything nerf the non elite even more so the elite uograde its worth the price.

You’re probably right, it suffers from the same illness of the Genoese Xbow elite upgrade

I’d say both. Elite gets only +2 attack which is blocked by last blacksmith armor. So in Imperia E.conqs needs more shots to kill an unit compared to its Castle age version.

That’s one way to do it. And this cam also be said for Conqs dismounted variation, the one an only Janissary. But since conqs already got -1PA, further nerfing will be ugly.

It is well deserved nerf. Conqs have no counter when you get them.

You are talking about a unit that have sick 16 attack at one shot, very fast projectile and already fire faster with the civ bonus and also high hp. I even wonder if this nerf will change anything.

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