How do the Spanish not have access to the Jesuit Conquistadors? The Inca have a card, why not Spanish?


Also, I find it odd that the Jesuits only show up in Asian maps, they should also show up sometimes in the american ones.


Yes! This would be amazing. I think in general, base game and expansions content and should be adjusted to work together (like water treasures on american maps, poison arrows for native units, change to thr campaigns to add proper units/models/mechanics, etc


the way faction gets their special HC allies depends on a few things:

A) history, was said empire in contact with said native/missionary group


B) does said parent faction have such a unit in their roster, if no then they are more likely to get a unit to fill that niche.

take British who dont have a skirmisher and therefor gets some through Cherokee allies.

now spain is in a fairly unique position in that they already have every type of faction in the game, and also they got their native allies before jesuits where added, but by the end of the day spain doesn’t need a new native allied.

Yes, Spain need conquerors

It already has one, the Explorer has a card called Conquistador.
For anything else, giving Conqs to Spain would actually be a nerf, since they are universally worse than Dragoons, and I doubt they would be Age 2.

i think the idea is to add them like a native infinite shipment, not as an actual inherent unit.