Consider: Add HP BARS clarity (when not selected)

When you micro units and back them off the rest of your army is fading out, which makes it really hard to see them dropping HP and makes you lose units you otherwise couldve saved. Can we please add some options to give more clarity and control here?

For example: Add one option for enable hp bars to never fade out for your own armies, even when not selected, like showed on picture the rest of units could be lighten up and not only the selected ones.


I fully agree with this. Sc2 and other RTS already have this built in. i dont see how this can’t be solved already, you can see that the missing hp (black part) is blending together with the ground its impossible to keep track of unit hp ;/


It should be an option to toggle on and off at one’s preference.


Yeah it surprised me that there wasn’t an option to change the transparency.

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has devs said anything about improving hp bars for units? i still have not seen anything