Consider adding weather and night systems

Would it be more interesting


Weather is one of those more difficult things to add due to it usually involving particles which easily add up if you’re not making poorly implemented effects. If they could do it in a way that doesn’t heavily impact performance, then great. Hell, put in birds that fly by.

When you say Night systems, do you mean a day/night cycle? I’m for more variation on daytime lighting, Nighttime could be interesting if it was a brightly moonlit kind of night, but I wonder if you could make nighttime without it being too disruptive on gameplay, as no one wants to squint to try and see units or buildings.

Day / night is doable already - I believe the devs have commented that they’d prefer the mapping community to tackle it. They seem to prefer to keep the maps as straightforward as possible, perhaps so there isn’t any work required to allow fair MP usage.

Would be cool to have something official though.

some lighting variation per map really wouldn’t effect the hardcores tho, just my take, since you can turn the lighting off anyway

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Yeah, if it could be disabled as a map option, that’d be great. The setup screen still needs more work there imo (especially if mods are going to be expanded on).

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the setup screen needs a flat out rework in my opinion, what it does can all be made into 1 panel

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they can’t make unique units of the races to be useful after year of release, you guys want new mechanics :smiley:

Weather events sound terrible.

A night time biome or even a cycling biome for custom games would be cool.


I was made to work perfectly fine in the Battle for Middle Earth games. There was a “god power” called freezing rain to mimic the Battle of Helm’s Deep weather. It doesn’t affect readability at all. I would actually be more concerned with readability with a full night setting.

You can see freezing rain in action here: Freezing Rain FX with sky going dark! video - Dawn of Arnor mod for Battle for Middle-earth II: Rise of the Witch King - Mod DB

Imagine AoE4 which already has realistic cloud shadows casted by actual clouds having an overcast sky with a darker ambience and some sporadic rain drops while also showing more reflectiveness on the ground as a result of water saturation. But no, we are getting a blurry-blue fantasy forest for some reason.

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