Constant crashes once loading into game finishes

had this exact problem during pup, reported it on steam PUP discussions, but it remains. Never had the same issue in any previous patch. Provided crash log that time, although now it seems that post is hidden due to PUP bug reports going away. Basically can’t play. Will provide anything needed

Lobby screen->assigning teams->teams assigned, the “bars” start loading for each player->all bars are full->game closes

I think it’s the duplicate of this:

Apologies you are still having this issue @Baltune! I know you did this during PUP, but if you would be so kind to please contact support with your DxDiag and warnings.log file, it would be helpful. While unfortunate, one good piece of a problem like this happening with a general release (as opposed to PUP) is that we get more data points which can really help stomp the issue.

Already did once, too much to do again (bit busy rn). It stops happening when i have shadow quality on high. (i usually have all low/off otherwise.)