Constant Disconnections

Game Version:

  • Build (####)
  • Platform (Steam or Microsoft Store) Steam


(Every MP game i start crashed after about 5 minutes. sometimes i get more like 15 minutes but have so far never finished a game of AoE2 DE.
This is really annoying especially because tthe lack of feed back from anyone.

I can only advise anyone who has this problem to reques a refund. I think this is the only measure they will understand as they have been ignoring our requests for weeks now.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. open aoe2 DE
  2. start a game on multiplayer
  3. get disconnected about 5 minutes in


Also have this issue, no 1 gave me a solution still, ppl say try VPN, try checking firewall and all sort of stuff, I did everything and game still has this problem, at this point I’m just waiting for the next update and hoping they fix this :frowning:

Experiencing this in almost every game since patch.

I got this game in November and haven’t touched it in months because of this disconnect issue. Searching around I haven’t found any fix to this yet. Every multiplayer game I try, it disconnects. What are the devs doing? It’s been MONTHS and still broken? I have no trouble with any of the other games I have on my pc. It’s sad that aoe2 HD worked better than this version…