Constant freezing on xbox series s

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  • GAME BUILD #: Xbox Console
  • GAME PLATFORM: Microsoft Store

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upon singleplayer and multiplayer random map game launch, game freezes as soon as tc is interacted with.

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100% of games since approx 3 days ago

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Here’s the steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. rdy up, start game
  2. let map load
  3. upon seeing tc, click or press ‘h’. verify game is frozen

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would be able to play

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n/a but available

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i’ve tried a variety of solutions including those mentioned on the xbox page support links to: resync game save with cloud, uninstall/reinstall, returned settings to default. actually purchased a new series s in anticipation of this game launch but seems the stability might be a bit suspect on either the game or the console. pc is probably a safer option for me long term but gameplay has been extremely smooth with keyboard/mouse on console when operational. any plans or recs to fix this?

after troubleshooting over the past 7 days i have some new information, also build # is 75350.

issue has been replicated on an xbox one, but related to one account only - other aoe players using that xbox do not experience same issue.

i’ll shortly detail again because its quite odd. upon starting a game in single or multiplayer while playing as ‘oo0xoo’ game graphics lock up upon player interacting with town center in 100% of games. probably have tested during troubleshooting ~50 times after performing just about every measure i can think of. had microsoft support on the phone yesterday as well 11

seems isolated to a microsoft account, what does that mean? could it be the gamertag’s “0x”/game thinks there’s an error??

Just to add; my friend has the same issue but as soon as he selects his scout. He also plays on Xbox Series S.

Hi @oo0xoo
Do you have the game on PC with custom hotkeys and you are using the same microsoft account?If so, could you try resetting the hotkeys on PC and then testing again on console?

hi all,

build 78174 has cleared up my issue. thanks team

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check the new build, appears it was released early this morning or last night