Constant out of sync errors

on the latest build as of 6/6/2021 a few days after their “server maintenance” literally every game ive tried to play tonight has given us an out of sync error.

happened in casual 3v3s, custom scenarios, and ffa collos.

this game is getting ridiculous the devs drove everyone off to the point where theres prolly less than a hundred people on at any given time and every time they update or take the servers offline temporarily stuff like this happens im about done.

Hi @RepeatingFish89,

Are you experiencing your issues with the PUP version of the game ?

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no i havent enabled the preview update program nor do i intend to. i dont see the point getting early access to updates and hotfixes will just mean the games gonna be less playable for more time than it already is

He just wanted to know if you play the beta or not, not the story behind why not.
Anyway :
Just let steam verify the game files. Sometimes a random file can be missing, due to defragentation of the drive, or programms like " ccleaner ".

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