Constant trouble shooting buildings with my trebuchets

As if fortifications with things like springals to defend wasnt bad enough already, I keep being unable to shoot them with trebuchet. If its slightly uphill, if it is behind a tree… My trebuchet will move forward instead. Really frustrating and makes some fortifications almost impossible to attack. And it seems kinda random too, cause sometimes there’s no problem. I get it with a springald, It cant shoot over thing. But its a ■■■■■■■ trebuchet. It launches the projectile far up in the air. An outpost hiding behind a tree, or a keep uphill shouldnt be a problem to fire upon. Just played an hour of this ■■■■ because I couldnt engage.

I think you can manually attack at an area as well.


Correct me if I’m wrong but the reason it does that is because of line of site of the treb can’t see over the hill. Try using a scout to scout the target and then the treb may be able to attack it from distance

But I’m normally able to shoot things outside line of sight? It’s not like trebuchet have 16 line of sight? Yet they are able to attack on their own, outside castle range.

I have this issue very often with culverins, springalds, bomards, trebs… somehow, unless something is clearly in line of site, no elevation change, not object or unit in between, they often want to touch the object before trying to attack…
Maybe I don’t understand how to micro / command those units, but it also feels a little inconsistent. It’s not like I never have success with it, but happens so often that they simply do the wrong thing, that it feels very micro intensive to control siege units. Yesterday in a game, I select a royal cannon, right click the stone gate (built over the ford on danube river), and go away to do something else. After couple of seconds, when coming back, the cannon is on its way somewhere, I guess it wanted to move behind the wall… I am 100% sure, that the right icon was displayed (attack symbol) when I clicked, and I clicked on the right object. But it was out of sight, and AI tends to interpret those out of sight commands sometimes inconsistently.

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