Constantly getting "Error loading match results" after almost every custom game

Played a few custom team games with mates (2 vs 2, 3 vs 3 and 4 vs 4). After almost every game, we all get the “Error loading match results” message, despite our opponent surrendering. Sucks because it means we haven’t been getting any experience points for our victories. Error code listed on the message is C06T09R09X-01 4D504D6105C9.

Anyone else been experiencing this?


Thanks for reaching out.

Please, get in touch with our Customer Support: They will be happy to help you with this issue.


Same here at every games… can’t play online anymore

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same here, it’s happen so often, it ruins my stats, that’s so boring, of course that’s never happen when you loose.

Same here, sometimes when we win (that’s bad), sometimes when we loose (that’s good :slight_smile: ).
But not always.

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The update has not changed anything

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Hey, still happening for me. I think someone might do this on purpose

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yeah I am pretty sure it is an exploit. I never get it when playing with friends but get it in 50% of my games with randoms

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Same here, happens evry time I play (no matter online or against AI)

New patch. Same error. Will this ever be adressed? A good 50% of team games end like this. It kinda ruins the gaming experience. Now also the reply is not available. Its like the game never existed…

Dont be like google, pushing half-hard stuff in “beta” for the first 10 years. When you launch a 60€ game, pls also make it so that players can have a good experience.

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