Construction of Italian Civilization (For fun)!

Construction of
Italian Civilization (For fun)

Suggestion of Italian civilization, in age II the option to build between 4 landmarks, 1 landmark of Genova or 2 landmark of Venice, 3 landmark of Florence, 4 landmark of Papal States.
You would choose which city state to play, with units, technologies and styles unique to each city.
Example :
Genoa _ Infantry
Papal States_Religious

What is your suggestion, what would you change?


Being just one landmark per city as with the Abbasid Dynasty civilization, similar mechanics, with the difference that in era II it had 4 unique options.

I’m confused exactly what you’re proposing.

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Proposing the creation of the Italian States civ, at age I, an open-ended Italian civ, at age II the player, through the choice of milestone, selects which Italian City State he will play, and each milestone representing a city state.

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Cringe thread (for fun!)

Ohhhh okay okay yeah that’s a cool idea reminds me of a faction from wars of liberty