Constructive criticism: Players claim for communication - copy Asobo's feedback snapshots

Asobo Studios is a similarly sized game developer (~300 employees) with far less experience than Relic, which has been capable of figuring out proper communication and customer feedback.

They have been able to create monthly feedback snapshots for Flight Sim 2020, collecting reported bugs as well as a wishlist and displaying it, alongside current statuses (Investigating, Fixed, etc.) and ETAs for upcoming patches including those changes.

Imagine how happy the player base would be if they could see at a glance when a certain bug is expected to be resolved, or at the very least the acknowledgment that is being worked on. We are all blind to what’s in Relic’s list of priorities and what has potentially slipped through the cracks. I think we all understand some bugs are hard to squash, but say it! Or people assume they’ve been ignored:

Please follow Asobo’s example. If you do this and pin the topic to the top of the forum, you’ll have an extremely more healthy forum environment and more productive discussions.


Oh, forgot to mention we would need to implement a post voting system here, which is weird is not here yet since it looks like the FS2020 forum runs on the same code.