Contend for AoE 2 delayed to protect AoE 4?

When, AoE 4 came out, the official statements said that AoE 2 will still get new content. Anyway, nothing happened till now.

Besides that, AoE 4 hasa massive problem with a declining playerbase, while AoE 2 is quite stable and already higher than AoE 4.

This situation made me suspect, that MS currently stopped supporting AoE 2 to avoid a further loss of AoE 4 players.

Any thoughts/vlues on that?


It’s more to avoid unnecessary prolix discussions before the new content release than killing the vibe that Aoe4 new features could get. The playerbase is much established anyway

Bruh not releasing any information despite two promises that were made months ago does the opposite of that.


To be honest really disappointed. Announcing roadmap for AoE II in november 2021 for year 2022 and we almost have half of march and still nothing.

AoE IV was supposed to revive AoE game serie and overall RTS genre. We were promised that launch of AoE IV means good things for AoE II, but instead it looks like sabotaging AoE II, because AoE IV is bare bones and they have to make better games worse to make AoE IV look at least as decent game ( and we know that AoE IV is far from decent game ).

I would be completely fine with road map delay if we could get any informations from developers like “we are sorry to delay road map, but…” etc., but instead we got silence. I really can not understand that, because they even have special company to communicate with community.

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Well the weird thing is that while we get silence for AoE2:DE, AoE3:DE is unnaffected. The game got a new DLC shortly after AoE4’s release and its update schedule stayed the same. So I don’t understand why they would neglect AoE2 but not AoE3 too.


AOE 4 will eventually die, it’s a matter of months, no fancy update can save it from this inevitable death, sadly.

Core design of the game is just bad, it hurts to see this mediocrity, I love AOE series.


Can’t know if it’s the core design’s fault when it’s so burdened by technical issues that they have to release a second roadmap trying to hype up the fact they are going to let people chose colours months after release 11


AoE 4 has nothing to do with the DE, it must be that the devs have a lot of work and that they will announce it in April, both a dlc for aoe 2 (“porto dlc”) and a dlc (European dlc?) for aoe 3 and in June announce AoM DE

I’m not asking them to release a DLC, I’m asking for information, which should be laughably easy to give. Heck thanks to Steam DB/looking at the profile of content creators who got the achievements, we know they have something to show but they choose not to. And since they have people who read online discussions we know that they know about all the worries people are formulating. Yet they really insist on shutting up. Instead of acknowledging all the speculation on the Venice event they basically went “ahah those events are fun right? Wanna vote for the next one?” which is like not something people want to hear when they have been waiting for more. People are blaming AoE4 cuz it’s pretty hard to figure out another reason why they would be so adamant on hiding what is happening next. Like they weren’t scared to announce DotD despite LotW’s mixed reception, and DotD’s reception was great, so there is no reason to be scared. So really if the reason isn’t AoE4 it can’t be bad past experiences either, so what can it even be? Something catastrophic? Or they are trying to do something they think will be controversial? In the end they can’t just do as if everything is alright when it isn’t.


Yes,everything can be…it may be that they took out TDOTD and TAR to boost the hype for AoE 4,but since the game is not doing as well as MS expected,it is adjusting the budget to World Edge, Relic and Forgotten Empires…or the new dlc has to do with the Caucasian (Armenia and Georgia),which is also a conflict zone like Ukraine and prefer to delay as much as they can the dlc because it is controversial (you know the 2008 war between Georgia with Russia and the 2020 war between Armenia and Azerbaijan)…

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If they are scared so easily then why would they do an Armenian themed work in the first place? And they were already super late before the invasion of Ukraine started anyway. It can’t be a budget issue cuz, as I said, AoE3 is going 100% fine, has had a new civ and is getting regular balance changes as well, without any issues whatsoever. AoE2’s latest big thing was DM ranked lobby and that’s because it was announced like 6 months prior (and tbh communication wasn’t the cleanest for that either). I’m really not buying this whole “it’s actuality’s fault”

Well I don’t know what it can be then…I doubt they would have left aoe 2 if they hadn’t done the Venetian event or the women’s month event in both games now in a few days…

Agree, really strange that there are so few updates after the beginning of year

Don’t forget, they’re different devs.

But both teams work for MS. So, we can’t say for sure it’s not their move.

I doubt that’s how it works for many reasons:
-the majority of people who bought AoE4 weren’t previously Aoe2 players, so if they leave AoE4, they won’t go to AoE2
-so you think microsoft shoots itself in the foot on aoe2 to help aoe4?
-msft hasnt said they consider aoe4 a failure
-some dropping of players after release is expected for a new game, we don’t know what stable player numbers they were aiming for

a more likely explanantion: there’s a stomach bug/covid wave/whatever going around the aoe2 team, or just the person in charge of posting the road map fell ill/went on parental leave/etcetc and that’s why we didnt get it

“Oh no the road map dude isn’t here, since no one else can type we can’t communicate anymore, so sad”. Seriously are you buying that 111111

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considering how bloated microsoft teams tend to be they probably need:
-head of planning
-5 project managers
-3 graphic designers
-the entire localization team
-communications team
-social media team

everytime i write team i mean ‘head of team + 2 team managers + 4 people doing the actual work’ at a minimum

you get the idea.

but yeah, they should at least say that it is delayed

AoE 3 isn’t a significant threat to AoE 4.

For AoE 4 to catch up to AoE 2, AoE 4 development has to be much faster than AoE 2 development. AoE 4 development is really slow, so AoE 2 development has to slow to a crawl if AoE 4 is ever to catch up with it.

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I agree, that aoe 3 is not a significant issue. Aoe3 is in a completly different setting and has never been that popular.

Anyway if i compare last year, aoe 2 had many patches, 2 dlc updates and several tournaments. This year seems rather empty and although many aoe 4 players did not play aoe 2 immediatly before, a big part of the playerbase did. Besides that, a strong aoe 2 that frequently offers great content, can make aoe 4 a bit obsolete.

Considering that, I m a bit afraid, that they let aoe 2 run dry to prevent a further drop of aoe 4 playerbase.