Content editor beta - imagining adding a new civ

So with the beta content editor i was daydreaming about adding a new civilization.
But it’s not easy like in Rise of Nations where you just add a few new lines and add one data file for units and buildings and techtree. Or like in Age of Mythology where you can add in on the tech file.
It looks possible to add a new civilization, but that will be a lot of work. I see even units and techs are forward and backward refering in the codes pointing forwards and backwards at eachother. Now that is intense haha.
Too bad i’m not a graphic designer or a 3D modeler, because then i could try to make something new. And the beat is ending in 2 days. Maybe when this is released i’d love to try. But i would need help to design things like new units, buildings and icons.


would love to help . Balancing.

It would be very important to make adding new civs as easy as possible with the editor. This and the other mod possibilities would give aoe4 a long live, even when it os once not further developed.

I would like to help!