Content Editor Crashes When I Ungroup Groups

This is for Crafted Maps.

Whenever I select to ungroup anything in the editor, it will crash. It doesn’t matter what is in the group or how big or small it is. It could be a couple of trees or just some logic or art. It doesn’t seem to be very common issue but I can slow down my work flow and cause everything I do to be a mess. It also doesn’t matter if I have the render up or not. When I come back to my project the group that I wanted to ungroup is still grouped.

I have no other way of explaining my issue other than it simply crashes immediately after ungrouping anything.

Definitely not ideal! The best thing to do here would be to contact support with your DxDiag and EssenceEditorLog.txt file. Much appreciated!

Done. Will y’all be updating the content editor in the next PUP?