Content editor error


I am having a major issue with the AOE4 content editor.

Error saving settings C:\Users\Kyle\AppData\Local\SEGA\Relic Entertainment\Cardinal\Essence Editor\GlobalSettings.xml: The parameter is incorrect.

will constantly appear in the output bar.

i am able to publish my crafted map and play locally against bots on it and my friends are able to see it in the mod store but they are unable to download the crafted map and i am unable to update it as it says that the mod is still waiting for me to finish editing it.
I have spent a lot of time trying to figure this error out but I believe its beyond me and is a bug with the content editor.
Please help :slight_smile:


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Hey Chuddles! I know its been some time but I just came across this searching for my own fix for a scaling issue which was resolved due to me seeing this file path and now I am hoping maybe i can help you with this! Out of curiosity have you tried going to

by copying the path into the address bar of your “File Explorer” aka This PC icon opens “File Explorer”. If the GlobalSettings.xml is the only thing in that folder or even if its in there at all let me know! Could be as simple as opening the XML in notepad and editing the save directory path for your map or maybe if you changed folders (the editor really does not like that! haha) you may need to recreate a folder with the exact name of your original folder and move the map there otherwise I think this may be an AOE Support worthy issue! I really do hope you figure this out though!

Sincerely, X

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