Content Editor won't start AOE IV

I’m trying to run a custom map from the editor using Build > Build and Launch but I just get the error message
‘Game is not being run as a known Age Of Empires IV product. Try again by launching game from Steam.’
or ‘Unable to connect to the game. Close the game and try again.’
Both game and editor are started through Steam. Is this the state of affairs or should this be working? Same problem on two different PCs running Windows 10. Any tips?

I tried that as well but dont think it works.

This is the most used place for modding. Ask there think theres some -dev code you put in steam and makes modes easier to test

Ok, thanks for the confirmation and the useful link to the discord server!

Personally, I don’t use the Build and Launch feature of the editor. I prefer to Build only in editor, and i launch the game outside the editor to test my mods/maps.