"Content" update scam

@Eininfar said:
While the wording is certainly funky, I do think everyone needs to take a breath. I don’t mean this as an attack on anyone personally, but really, since when has a link to patch notes been critical and criminal act of “wasting our time” ?

It’s a clickbait. What would you call it? I wouldn’t click on a link that says “minor bug fixes”. Of course it’s a criminal act of wasting my time. Imagine if someone called you 10x a day asking “is John Smith there?”, after which you just reply “no”, and you waste few seconds of your time. No big deal right, it’s only few seconds here and there. But I bet you’d be annoyed after some time.

As for further developments; the slow speed and glacial pace of any serious updates, I will agree, is a bit off. However, my guess is that AOE DE was never intended to be a flagship product.

It doesn’t have to be a flagship product. At the very least I would think there would be minor balance changes here and there. Ya know, like when you compare Babylon to Minoan civ, or Shang, or Roman, or whatever else, you can’t possibly tell me it’s all balanced, no matter the game mode or settings.

The game received zero relevant updates in months. One enthusiastic person working on the project would have produced some results by now.

And yes, I’ve a right to be bitter because I also spent money on Age of Empires Online and believe me you don’t want me start about that Microsoft product.