Control Groupings - simple question simple solution

Why can’t I assign control groupings while cycling through all military? Can someone explain…?

You can select all military right? Great! Now tab on over to all longbowmen. Awesome! Control 1 assigns all longbowmen to group 1 right? NOPE! All military get assigned to group 1… despite there being an ALL tab in the list.

Is this not a very simple fix?
Also when you choose to select and focus or select and follow a unit in this list it still insists on moving the camera to the average location of ALL military instead of focusing on that one type of unit… This just feels like an oversight in implementation.

Does anyone agree with me here?

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The average location of the camera is useful to me, because the units of the same control group are supposed to be together. What they must separate is the option to center units and center buildings

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The average camera location is not really what my post is referring to.

If you select all military, then cycle through the units you can select a group of units. However, if you try to focus on that group of units using the follow or focus hotkey, it does not jump to that group of units. Instead, it jumps to the average location of the entire army. This is what should happen if your selection box is on the “All” element, not when it is on a specific element.

Say you have a scout, a longbowmen and a spearman. When you hit the all military key this is what the selection would look like.


So say you select the spearmen by cycling through this list.
Now when you hit the focus hotkey or the follow hotkey the camera behaves in a silly way. Instead of focusing on your group of spearmen, it centers the camera on the average location of the entire army. Why? If I wanted to do that I would just do it when the [All] element was highlighted. In fact, when you press the all military hot key it automatically sets to that element first.

right now it requires using shift/ctrl click to pick/remove unit types, in order to set control group.

allow tab to a particular type and then ctrl-number as you mentioned is the best idea.

additionally, I wish the shift/ctrl click pick/remove type feature be useable with keyboard hotkey, so we may precisely select one or more units and then set to a control group.