“Convert an Enemy Unit using a Monk...” Challenge bugged

I have converted enemy units more times this week than I have in my entire AoE2 experience due to this challenge being bugged.
My monks are in fact dawning the AoE priest skin after one measley conversion, but the challenge is not listed as completed and I fear I’ll never earn the wololo sound due to this bug, please help!
TLDR: Despite now having priests instead of monks my challenge says it is not completed no matter what I do. Please help me get the next challenge.

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have the same issue here. "Completed the challenge several times and progress doesnt show up for me either, :confused:

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Sick, gotta love playing a broken game, missing out on limited time unique rewards and having 0 support from the developers.
Just amazing. :tired_face:

Hi there! I’m sorry to hear you’ve been having trouble with the festival achievements. They have been unable to reproduce the issue internally, so they have a few questions to help clarify what’s happening:

  • Is the achievement ever marking as complete after completing the objectives?
  • If it does complete, try the following: wait for a minute, exit the game, then re-launch the game. Is the achievement still complete?
  • Have you suffered from disconnects during your multiplayer (or even campaign) games previously?
  • Are you playing on the Windows Store or Steam version of the game?
  • What is your Gamertag / Username?

I will pass this information along to the team, and appreciate your help!