Converted Original Aoe2 Campaigns To Support 2 Player Coop

Can you get achievements with these mods for every completed campaign?

Thanks. Montezuma is almost finished and should be available soon.

You can not get campaign achievements playing them since they are played as separate scenarios. You can get the regular ones though (such as win as franks and similar) including some event challenges.


I am loving these coop campaigns so far. It has gotten my friend into the game.

I noticed that there is an “Ai Builder” option when choosing the AI, we have been using the regular “AI” so far and it seems to work (breaks with the old HD AI), is that the correct one to use?

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Glad you like it @CRothlisberger :slight_smile:
You should always use the AI ai not the other ones since then it will use the ai embedded in the scenario file, if you select anything else it will use that ai instead. The list is populated from all the ai’s you have on your computer, so not sure where you get this Ai Builder from but its not from this mod.

also Montezuma campaign is available:


Cool thanks. Yeah just downloaded Montezuma and the others I was missing.

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question, would you ever consider doing coop for historical battles too?

i am already doing them. Will release them once the 8 from the conquerors expansion are done.


Btw, tried it again and everything worked great. Thanks for these awesome convertions


Battles of the conquerors are now available.


while i was playing Vinlandsaga with friends i have noticed that the longsword turn into a norse warrior which is something really cool and i appreciate the small details you implement into your coop missions


Converted Alaric campaign:

Though with the current game version I experience a lot of crashes when playing custom games, so it’s probably best to wait for an update before playing it.

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First of all. Thx. Awesome work :slight_smile:

Did anyone manage to restore a saved game?
I always get the error that one players spot is not chosen and thus we cannot start. Color is however fixed when restoring, thus i am stuck here. I tried to look into <save_name>.aoe2mpgame file but since it’s binary I quickly stoped looking :D…


I was never able to restore a custom multiplayer game from a save. Unfortunately, you have to retry the whole mission if you crash or lose. I hope they fix the crashes soon. :confused:

Do you have a patreon , donation page or something?
Im seriously willing to pay for this work :slight_smile:


Thank you :slight_smile:
I don’t have one and never tried to set up one. I can create one but not sure which site to use. Which one do you prefer?

Need to preface that the mod will ofc always be freely available and no one needs to feel oblidged to pay for anything.

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I guess i spoke too soon. Depending on how the coop battles will work out the mod might not be needed anymore.

I think your work will still be invaluable. They said “Historical battles”, not anything close to campaigns.

On the other hand ( and if you want to do it of course) , you have countless Chinese custom campaigns which are very good actually. This is the list (Mods All – Age of Empires).

Still think your already done work is worth paying for.

If you plan to do the Chinese campaigns a Patreon (monthly payment) sounds good. If you plan to do occasional work then BuyMeACofee (

In the trailer we did see green Saracen and purple Persian troops killing crusaders together in what looked like the 6th Saladin mission, so I think it will cover campaigns as well.

Well, I am going to finish the Dracula campaign since I already spend so much time on it, and after that, I’ll wait for more news on this mode. If it’s just a couple of missions there might be some reasons to continue, but if there are whole campaigns then future work would be pointless as the conversions would become obsolete quickly.
The video showed Saladin 6 and Attila 5 as examples and said about some handpicked missions to be converted to coop so I doubt they will convert entire campaigns, but who knows. The example missions by themselves are easy to convert to coop since you already have an ally in them which is of a different civilization, there are not too many triggers and the objectives are coop friendly so not much conversion is needed.
Also depending on if this mode will be part of the dlc or not my mod might face legal issues.
I have no interest in converting custom scenarios to coop. You would have to ask their original author instead.
I set up the BuyMeACofee page here for donations:


Added Vlad Dracula campaign:

Current patch has a lot of desync/crash issues which affects these conversions too. Hopefully they are going to fix it soon.