Converted Original Aoe2 Campaigns To Support 2 Player Coop

A while ago I converted the 4 original campaigns to support 2 player coop so I could play them with my friend for the Definitive Edition. Decided to upload the scenario files for public use.The conversion changes all triggers and ai scripts to react to the additional 2nd player. Some maps are changed slightly, but i keep close to the original map and ai design as possible. For balance reasons I cut the starting units, resources and population limit in half for each player.

Haven’t done extensive multiplayer testing so there might be some broken stuf there still. But if you are interested you can find them here (make sure to read the instructions first):

Joan of Ark:


Genghis Khan:



Cool, I’ll test one of these out soon with a friend

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I’ve been playing through the Genghis Khan campaign and I am amazed how well the co-op works with the missions. We haven’t encountered any problems yet and it feels indeed pretty balanced.

Thanks a lot for this awesome mod! I’m having a blast playing this with my friend.

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Awesome. I am glad you liked it :slight_smile:

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excellent! (20 char)

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this is really a brilliant work, i have enjoyed doing the barbarossa campaign with my friend and it was blast doing it, and i really like the idea of cutting pop space into half as it opened an interesting strategy for me and my friend to do.

i really appreciate the work you put into this incredible mod and thanks for the fun me and my friend had doing the barbarossa campaign :slightly_smiling_face:

also would you ever consider doing this for the conquerors campaigns?


Glad you liked it. Can you share what sort of strategies?

I have already starting on working on the Attila the Hun campaign.

To other who played it any feedback would be appreciated. Anything you find broken or annoying especially for player 2 since i had to invent a lot of its start locations. But would like to hear about stuf like unit distribution, resources and other things as well.

I have played the following:

  • Barbarossa 1,2,3
  • Saladin 6

My feedback is then limited. I will let you know for the other ones.
Let me thank you, your work is really amazing. Everything worked as in SP campaigns.

I have not found anything broken, at all. As in SP Saladin 6 is challenging, while the others are way easier. I really want to congratulate for the excellent work. Very smart also the population split.

I really appreciated that in Barbarossa 2 the cooperation is mandatory since there is only one player having siege enabled in the beginning.

I may have only one suggestion, but it is more my personal preference. So take it as less important. The idea is to force the cooperation even more (as in Barbarossa 2). One simple thing may be to disable some buildings (or much better the units trained inside) for each player. For instance barracks, archery ranges, stables, and siege workshop. Even castles.

For example, a good idea may be to separate archery ranges and stables, so that the two players must be coordinated to play, like player 1 is forced to develop cavalry and player 2 is forced to develop archers or vice versa.

Also, allowing only one player to build siege, requires a lot of cooperation, which is the goal of this game mode, which I repeat, is amazing.

The separation should be thought on the basis of the civ. For instance, for Teutons/Franks, infantry + siege for one player, while cavalry and archers for the other one may work. While for Mongols/Saracens/Huns I would separate like archers and infantry for one player and siege and cavalry for the other one.

Another idea is to give player 2 a different civ (like in Barbarossa 1, where it works perfectly following the original mission). This is easier for campaigns with a double civ (e.g., El Cid where you are Saracens and Spanish) but way more difficult with Barbarossa (p2 Italians?) or Attila (p2 idk).

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Thanks for the feedback.
I don’t like that forced cooperation through disabling buildings, while it enforces teamplay it might also limit some strategies. I think occasionally it is nice in those missions where you can’t freely build a base, but not all the time. I like to encourage it with limited pop cap rather than enforce it with disabling tech tree.
I was thinking of giving different civs to each player, but like you said it is tricky to do thematically and sometimes even mechanically (there is a reason a lot of Saladin missions have water maps and involve trade for instance). For something like Joan it would be really hard to find one because the whole campaign is Franks vs the English and occasionally the Burgundians. I might still do it, but i have to think about it and probably do more than just civ change but look into starting units and positions for p2.


Converted Attila the Hun campaign:

Also made the civ change for p2:
for now they are:
Joan: Franks + Teutons (renamed to Franks and share their architecture style)
Saladin: Saracens + Berbers (renamed to Saracens and share their architecture style)
Genghis: Mongols + Tartars (renamed to Mongols and share their architecture style)
Barbarossa: Teutons + Italians (except for scenario 1 and 6, there p2 plays as Cumans and British respectively)
Attila: Huns + Goths


Thanks :slight_smile:

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Great mod! I’m a casual player so maps for chilling with a friend have always caught my eye. this series of campaigns are great, didn’t find any bugs yet and im looking forward to playing all of them, also , as someone already said, this would be great for all campaigns! There are a lot of campaigns that i’d like to play in cooperative, so if you ever happen to do any more id play them instantly

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Hey I’m having issues playing this, we create a lobby and load the first Genghis Khan scenario, but whether we choose colors yellow and orange or orange/yellow we still get a defeated message right at the start. What are the settings that need to be used for this @Krambas?

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I saw a couple of them while I was browsing through mods, I don’t play multi-player often but great stuff, @Krambas. :+1:

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Host needs to be orange 1 and guest needs to be yellow 2 for that one and the rest should be just AI. Host sets all the other players to AI and guest clicks his player button until it becomes 2 (yellow) for this scenario.
Tested it and could not reproduce your defeat screen. The mission defeats you if either player dies or you lose the monks that you got in the blue tribe before you complete the grey tribe quest. Added a leeway for those checks in v0_12 of the map so it might address your problem. Let me know if that helped.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Oh interesting. I chose orange as host, and my friend chose yellow, but I didn’t set the other players to AI. I just tried that alone with yellow as another AI and it worked. I’ll test again soon with a friend and let you know.

If you don’t set the others to AI (the regular one, not HD or other) many things will break. Also you can’t change players. The host must always be player 1 and guest player 2 otherwise some things will also break. If you want to switch, the other player needs to host.


El Cid is now available as well:


We badly need an official co-op mode for AoE 2 DE. Great work @Krambas


Tried the first two parts of the Attila campaign with a friend yesterday and we loved it! Would be great if you’re able to keep them coming.

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