Converted siege weapons bug

Game Version: Steam

  • Build 101.101.35584.04714640
  • Platform Steam


So I’ve been playing a game against the AI and whenever I converted a siege weapon, it would act just fine, and then after I look somewhere else for a while, it would partially lose its upgrades: the capped ram I converted became a battering ram, and the siege onagers I converted became mangonels. What is weird is that these had both Siege engineer and Furor Celtica applied, and while the “de-upgraded” mangonels had lost their bonus range, both siege weapons still had their original amount of HP. I had siege engineer and chemistry researched but nothing else.

Battering ram with the same HP as a Furor Celtica capped ram

This siege onager has 98 HP…

just like its former colleague that became a mangonel. The second siege onager that I converted and managed to save, however, kept its status, so I feel like the bug is quite random.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Be Indian, have FU monks, Siege engineer and Chemistry researched, but no other siege upgrade.
  2. Convert a Celt siege weapon with Furor Celtica
  3. Look elsewhere for a while
  4. When you come back, the siege weapon might have lost all of its upgrade, but still retains its original HP
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