Converting a Trade Cart maintains its old home market

I do not know if this is intended or a bug, but I find it relevant to mention.

If you convert a Trade Cart that has already a route set (e.g., from “Enemy Market #A” to “Enemy Market #B”), then the Trade Cart will not change its original “home market” (e.g., “Enemy Market #A”).

Moreover, if the new owner instructs the Trade Cart to go to a “Ally Market #C”, then the Trade Cart will travel from “Enemy Market #A” to “Ally Market #C”, because the ‘home’ market does not change upon conversion (it must be changed manually).

What is funny is that the “new owner” of the Trade Cart does not get any Gold from such trade. I am not aware if the “original owner” receives such Gold.

The “bug” is pretty simple to replicate.
(this happened on “land” trade carts. I am fairly certain that it will also affect trade ships).

Thank you @Quadhihey54! We all appreciate the report. I’ll get this logged so the team can check it out.