Cool moments

So i know i complain alot, but i do actually love the game, and wanted to mention 2 very cool matches (for me anyway)

1st was simple comeback on gold rush 2v3 (since 1 of our alies desynced or something) aztec eagle +siege rams just wrecked everything, with a stream of monks follwoing up converting a ton of units…

2nd was a team ranked nomad match(as aztecs), my enemy douched me (noticed his tc too late through my own construction, so i was afraid of cancelling my construction as ive previously lost ALL res for doing that)

Built my own, got vils, eventually lost mine and rebuilt about 2 screens away. Got scout rushed by player2, fought them off, knight rush from p1 +p1. Eventually a castle drop, and lost my second TC.

Rebuilt 2nd 2 screens away, while my ally covered for me. Ally had done some brilliant map control, cornered enemies. So eventually I rebuilt everything, finally got to the imperial age, and we eventually wrecked them .

was insane, and i was sure it was gg a number of times but i didnt wanna resign coz i felt bad for my ally… and in the end it paid off mainly thanks to him