Cooldown timer for leaving ridiculously unfair team matchup

Sorry but yes, I AM going to leave a Conq II, Conq I, Diamond III vs. 3 Platinums game. Matchmaking is broken, why am I getting punished with a 5-min cooldown? Games like that are a total waste of time for everyone involved. It’s like forcing a high-school football team to play against an NFL team. No one going to have any fun with that. Why is it like this?

Shouldn’t get 5-minute timer for leaving a totally bogus matchup. Tell me i’m wrong.


While imbalanced matchmaking is a problem, leaving because you don’t like the matchup is a different problem.

(the timeout could also have its scaling tweaked, imo, but that’s a third thing)

You could apply this to any combination of players, in any game. If you’re in a competitive queue, leaving generally gets punished. From Overwatch to DotA 2.

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I don’t think you’re wrong. The tradeoff is spend 5 minutes in game before leaving or leave early and wait 5 minutes for cooldown. Either way you’re letting teammates down if they want to try regardless of the inevitable loss. You can mitigate the matchmaking issue by leaving queue after searching for about 2 minutes and reentering, but this is something that deserves attention. I have yet to see platinums manage to win.

U are wrong.

Sometimes I am matched against Lucifron, Beasty, Vortix or other pros

Do I dodge or do I go somewhere to tell how ,unfair life is, ?

No I dont.

I am on semi-pro level with my 1700s ELO accounts yet I love to play against pros BECAUSE thats exactly where I am gonna learn something new or something to do correctly (i have like 1% amount of games in 1s in compare with some pros) . And on top of that of course I managed to beat some big names few times already.

On top of that imagine the situation from the other perspective.

I am on top of teamgames-leaderboard since week1 I can even show u screens from the days when did not even exist.

And I can tell you there is NOTHING WORSE than to be stucked with your friends in a que for at least 20+ minits everytime u wanna play with your friends.

MANY and I repeat MANY of them left the game untill dodging dont get fixed. First we get dodged by other conquerors or diamonds (who I blame the most)

We are stucked right after untill someone lost patience and we disband the group and everybody goes play something different OR untill we get matched against some poor people. —> sometimes we end up playing against either beginners/bronzies or silvers (Very funny gaming experience)

And this is exactly how the game is losing top-tier teamgame playerbase. Its fucking horrible … HORRIBLE.

I recommend u staying in the games and try to improve. Imagine me dodging the pros because my chance of winning is like 5% —> Its exactly the same situation for you.


I will be clear: it’s not our problem.

Nobody wants to be queued with people with more than 300 their elo, and the situation you are describing when you are matched against top players in 1v1 is just not the same.

It’s just not fun, and if I want to learn I will learn more with people around my elo, or watching people better than me play, not just getting totally smashed by people who are in other level.

Some of us want to get to home and play a few competitive matches, yes, and I bold competitive, because a match against four dudes who play together and have more than 300 your elo isn’t what a competitive match seems like, sure?

I wish there was another game mode where someone can just play not competitive matches, something like a game mode where the rank doesn’t matter at all, it’s a shame there isn’t another no competitive queue in that game right?

What really you are telling us is that you don’t like to be in a queue for 20 minutes because people dare to skip matches that are clearly not balanced, so, you are ignoring the real problem and giving more importance to your personal problem (being too long in a queue) than to the real problem: there isn’t enough player base a top level.

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I prefer 2 minutes in queue than waiting 20 minutes in to form a team of the same ELO. I don’t mind playing against higher ranked people, I actually prefer it, it makes the match even more challenging.

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I’m pretty sure you can at least play AoE4 vs. AI only (non-ranked, non-competitively)… can’t you? I was able to do this during Tech Stress times, anyways. I’m not sure about non-ranked matches vs. actual humans, though.

Don’t quote me, though, as it’s been about 3 yrs since the Tech Stress. Things may have changed since then, where it’s no longer possible to have such matches

yeah the match making is a joke. im plat 3 and having team mates with silver and no rank vs 3 plat… ive left the game and got a 29 min cool down. its a shambles.