Coop campaigns for William Wallace and the Art of War

So the upcoming patch will feature new coop campaigns. I am happy to see this. However, I think DE can definitely include these two introductory like campaigns for friends to share skills together. It makes a learning experience more interactive.

Please use the poll if you share the same opinion with me!

Which campaign do you want to be included in coop campaigns

  • William Wallace
  • the Art of War
  • None

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Ilike your idea but dont think the design of the campaigns really allows for it.

I think maybe just having 2 or more people coop in the same color will do. Thing is some people will prefer learning the game with friends. If they can play William Wallace and the Art of War together, I can it will be very helpful.

Never mind, I got what you mean. So there is no coop thing in playing scenarios. But I think it is not an issue for the programmers right?

I think they are adding the option to have coop players use different colors. What I mean is those two campaigns have clear directions and tbf not the most interesting to play. The art of war is more of a single player challenge I feel. Perhaps they may add it as coop and you compete with your friend at the same task in real time.

I didn’t suppose it to be fun. I proposed this for experienced player coaching friends or new players. They can use the campaigns as a base.

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