Coop Campaigns

Since I have not found a current thread on the subject.

Will there be new co-op campaigns in the future or is there nothing new coming?

Question for the community. What do you think of the co-op campaigns and have you played any of them?

I’m really hoping there will be more. I’ve had “More co-op campaigns in II pls” as my name in the official Discord server for what feels like a year now not that it has any effect.

We haven’t had any news about upcoming or planned co-ops since the last batch was released, so I assume the devs are fine with the current amount and are working on other things that are more important in their minds. I really do wish there will be more, though; a lot of existing campaigns have high potential to be given the co-op twist, like Edward Longshanks, Pachacuti, Algirdas & Kestutis, Le Loi and York to name a few.

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yeah, this campaign especially feels like a slam dunk