Copying decks question

Anyone know how you can copy other players’ decks in multiplayer? I read that you can do it here:

“We also made it so you can copy other people’s decks in multiplayer!” - The Technical Side of Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition: An Interview With Joss Ellis - Age of Empires

Too much effort involved building everything from the ground up. Wish I could go back to my old AOEIII account and bring them across!


Unfortunately it’s still not super easy. You can only do it during a match when viewing another player’s homecity (a copy button appears on the UI). And it only works on other civs than you are currently playing.


Postgame information also works. There is also a button to copy someones deck :slight_smile:

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You take a screenshot and then remake the deck. Guaranteed 99.99% success rate.

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