Corpse decay - will it ever be added?

I’ve asked this question during the beta on steam community forum, and the answer of the developer called “licydy” was:

“AOE2:DE is still in beta. All gameplay footage that has been officially released is subject to change as we continue to move closer to the release of the product.”

For me, it suggested it will change in official release - yet I haven’t seen the feature added in any gameplay - but I have seen countless complains about it without the answer from the devs. So i ask you - do you consider adding it? Absence of corpse decay was one of the reasons I’ve never bought AoE 1 DE, and it’s primary reason why I’m abstaining from buying AoE 2 DE - what other features could be missing, if such a crucial element of immersion was bypassed?

Is it a good place to ask? I didn’t know where should I look for answer. If not, then I’m sorry.


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