Corpses with animated blood and ageing (only corpses) in AOE4 please

About 20 years ago when I played my 1st game (which is AOE 1) I loved to see how the corpses bleed on the ground and age (corpses with animated blood > skeleton and absorbed by nature). It is the core of the Age of the Empires as it illustrated how things age in the game. Please don’t remove it just to decrease the age rating. Most of the children use their parents’ cards or parents buy the game for them so it won’t make a huge difference. After all, parents decide and AOE is not that blood-thirsty game compare to other games that are available around the world.

Keep the core of the AOE or make it optional for the players who prefer.


It isn’t gore, it is a little animated blood. Gore does not belong in an age game, but I agree that they should keep the animated blood like all other age games have had


Imo I dont think that will be a standard option ingame. Since some countries have restrictions on gore/blood.

But when the mods are available , someone will probably add this in the future

Imagine playing a Medieval game and not wanting to see blood and gores in combat, because you know, The Battle of Agincourt was one of the most cleanest battle in history.


And maybe some of us play the game entirely for the combat/eco management, and don’t care for blood. Might be the minority, but hey. I’m against it.

If you want a bloody gory medieval game then why are you here? It’s not gonna happen and I see barely anyone complaining that there isn’t buckets of gore in AoE4(it could use at least some blood, like there was nothing) but not loads of blood and gore
edit: if you want gore, go play Total War

First of, Total War doesn’t have gores unless you decide to purchase the DLC with Blood and Gores, but it definitely has violence contents with blood and realistic combat animation which would put Age of Empires to shame considering it also has an ESRB of Teen rating.

Secondly, death, blood, and skeletons were originally part of Age of Empires franchise, so if anything it’s you who’s trying to rewrite the game to fit your own perspective as to how AoE should be. I feel like you’re one of those people who play Civilization 6 and want to convert everything to your standard where everything looks like cartoon and dead units just magically disappear after dying.


It is plenty more violent than age games, especially since its 3D.

You are ignoring my posts, I am saying blood and gore haven’t been glorified like they are in other games.
If anyone is trying to rewrite the game to fit their own perspective, its you. You showed a hyperrealism gif in the other thread, with excessive blood splatter and then try and say that age has always been about blood and gore. Never has there been blood splatter in age(except maybe a cutscene or two in age3, I can’t exactly remember)and the blood that appears after the unit dies is not realistic at all, and there is barely any of it.

edit: the fighting has never been violent ever either. You expect an age game to have some being slashed, viciously across the chest(with a bucket of blood dumped to go with it) or someones head being snapped by a spear(with another splatter of blood to go with it)

Are you against options to turn blood on and off?

I personally wouldn’t use that option, but it isn’t my place to control what other people want so I’m indifferent. I just don’t want it in my game.

It’s in AoE2 DE, just off by default; I see no reason why the devs wouldn’t do the same here.

The question is why are you here? He, me and many more want this feature and come in here to voice this request. You just give everyone the same completely unconstructive and pointless replies: “then go play coh”, " why are you here", “go play total war” etc.
You clearly have nothing to contribute to the discussion and miss all the points that people make.

That’s not up to you to decide, if everyone thought like that these forums would be completely silent, nobody would ask for anything and nothing would ever change. If people want blood this is the best to place to be and say it and make the devs aware of it.

You are also heavily misinterpreting this request as something very extreme, with disemboweled people and cut heads, in reality you’re the only one that I see who talks about so gory things. Blood has been in every past title and people have every right to be completely pissed off that they censor it now.

You’re also wrong about the T rating as that shouldn’t be excluding blood. They likely want E10+ rating.

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Yeah you are probably right about that

If you look at the other thread that we are discussing it, they showed a gif of a hyperrealism game with a man literally having an x slashed across his chest with a huge splatter of blood, so no, I am not misinterpreting it. Mild blood has been in the past titles, I am in no way against that and have never said that I have been against it(and if I said something that was interpreted that way I’m sorry) but the blood/gore that person is proposing is not in any way, shape, or form an Age game. And saying

The Battle of Agincourt isn’t the only messy battle in history and I’d like them to point out where I said it was the cleanest battle in history

I haven’t nearly seen that many people asking for gore. There is a difference between blood and gore, age games have had mild blood, but NEVER gore.

Because age 1 and 2 has blood and corpses ? That’s why we are here…

A little bit of blood that doesn’t look realistic and skeletons that disappear(they actually look a little comical to me) is way different than someone’s head being snapped by a spear blood flying everywhere. Not to mention how the bodies would look when they are on the ground