CORRECT Way to pronounce "Cuirassier"

Between watching streamers and the casting of tournaments on ESOCommunity it seems like i’ve heard “Cuirassier” pronounced every kind of possible way. Having family in France I checked on the correct way to say it and it is as such…
“Kwur-ah- si-ay”](French Cuirassiers And Their Swords - YouTube)"

Hope this helps everyone!

Good information; however, note that “cuirassier” while having its origins in French, is also now considered a separate English word, and it is in fact not only acceptable but also perfectly correct to pronounce it in English using the English pronunciation.

This is in contrast to other words that are not part of the English language, such as Carolean, etc., that ought to always be pronounced as close as possible to their native pronunciation.

Yea, its a cavalryman wearing a cuirass. That word exists in english too.

What i am more concerned about is Oprichnik. I swear to go, but i have never ever heard anyone pronounce it correctly. It is pronounces exactly as written. OP-RICH-NIK

All i hear are oprincniks, opriniks, orpichniks, …

Cmon guys, just read the name slowly.

If you don’t pronounce it right, you’ll be trampled under Cuirassier’s horseshoe!