Correlation between disconnection and chat

So far for most of the disconnections in the recent update, I disconnect when i try to send some message in game. There must be something, as it frequently occurs. Also my game sometimes freeze for a second when my teammate/opponent (not me) reached to another age.

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yes I have the same feeling. there seems to be some correlation. it makes me feel like avoid chats.

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Now I’m playing vs ai games constantly. Free to chat 11

Hey there! If you’re able to reproduce this issue reliably (and playing on Steam), we’d love it if you could use our new ‘Enhanced Logging Build’ for a round so we can dig into why this is happening and get it fixed for good! The steps have been provided below, and the logs will be immensely useful if you have the time to help us out!

How to use the 'Enhanced Logging Build'...

Accessing the Logging Build

Here’s how to access the special branch:

  1. Launch Steam.
  2. Right click Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition in your library and select Properties…
  3. Select the BETAS tab.
  4. Enter the following beta access code: 4YH2SkfG7CK5yanvrXE9qj8b
  5. Click CHECK CODE
  6. To utilize the build, select the enhanced_logging branch from the drop-down list. Your game will download a very small update (~35 MB).

What to Report

Once you (or another user) experiences a disconnect, you will want to close out of the game at your earliest convenience and find the logs generated while you were playing. They can usually be found here:

  • File Location: C:\Users\LOCALUSER\Games\Age of Empires 2 DE\logs
  • (Note that the LOCALUSER part of the path is replaced by your specific user account. If you changed the default installation directory of your Steam client, the logs folder may also be created in a different location.)

You will want to obtain the log file associated with the session where you experienced the connectivity problem. If you closed your game, this is typically the last session, as denoted by the date and time of the log in the folder:

  • Log Example: 2020.09.02-15.08.09.txt
  • The first set of numbers is the date (2020.09.02 = YYYY.MM.DD = September 2nd, 2020)
  • The second set is the time the file was created (15.08.09 = HH.MM.SS = 3:08pm and 9 seconds)

Logs are saved at the END of a session when the client is terminated, and will usually be the last log file in the folder if you look for it immediately following a disconnect or crash.

Transmitting Your Logs

Once you’ve generated a networking log, please upload it to a trusted file hosting service. Make sure you also list it as public so it can be accessed by the Test team!

You can then share the link to the file on the forum or with our support team, along with any information you can provide about the issue. Here are some questions to consider when writing a report:

  • WHAT TYPE of match were you playing? Was it a team game? 1v1? Ranked queue or custom lobby?
  • WHEN did the disconnect occur? When loading into a ranked game? When matchmaking? During the match?
  • Was it your FIRST match of the day? Was this your first match since launching the client? Your second? Third?
  • WHAT STEPS did you take leading up to the disconnect? Describe what happened leading up to the disconnect. Any information is helpful!
  • …etc.

If you also have a video recording of the incident, please feel free to include it in your report!

Final Notes

  • DUE TO THE ENHANCED LOGGING, THERE WILL BE AN EXPECTED PERFORMANCE HIT WHEN PLAYING ON THE BUILD. This is not a bug, as it is a result of the logging that is occurring behind-the-scenes.
  • CHANGE TO THE MAIN GAME BRANCH WHEN YOU’RE DONE GENERATING LOGS. This will ensure you play properly, can report issues, and enjoy everything the game has to offer!

Thanks for the report!

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I can’t reproduce it regularly or frame the issue rigorously. Otherwise I’ll post this in the reporting bug column. But I’m willing to log it and see if anything overlaps.

Also, I observe that whenever an age is advanced, I feel a clear lag in the client, whether it’s playing an online game or watching a record. It is also likely to be related to the chat, since a message is sent. And it is known that a sent chat will have an obvious delay of like 1sec whether in lobby or in game. The lag of advancing age has a similar length.

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