Costum Campaings are great

Which civs will you use for the Order of Malta and the Circle?

Please let us know as soon as you do.

Italians for the Order of Malta and Teutons for the Circle (I thought Malta could be the Sicilians ## # ### ### many couldn’t play it because they didn’t have Lord of the West)…

Yes, I had done the first two scenarios back in 2019 (also super basic without triggers or anything) in 2 HD and then I planned to continue with “the Ottoman fort” at some point when I finished with the official and custom campaigns, which are a lot xd…

In some campaigns, a few civs have additional units or even a different name (normans in the Sicilian campaign). Would that be feasible to do?

Another idea for Custom Campaigns would be “Secret Missions”
what I mean is simple side missions not mentioned in the instructions but hinted at by map features or circumstances, examples:

  • A “Sacred Garden” in a corner of the map or an Island where fruit bushes are neverending if a relic is put into the monastery, the only hint would be a priest that would tell you when you click on it “make this place sacred”.
  • A half-burned village, with a villager that says “Help us” then if you fix their buildings you get something like: they turn into your color, or special units, or resources bonuses, or a vengeful ally that keeps the main enemy occupied with constant attacks with trash units, etc. (No explanation in the instructions just the message from the villager) May be healing their villagers too with your priest.
  • If you destroy EVERYTHING from the enemy you get extra resources or units, even if the instructions only ask for the castle to be destroyed. (you can even hide a unit in an island or forest to make it more difficult to destroy EVERYTHING)
  • Or the other way around if you destroy more than the castle and towers a horde of vengeful wolves attack you or the enemy gets all the resources that the destroy faction had.
  • Finding “corrals” around your allied or neutral factions with no explanation, but if you send X# of Camels, Horses, Sheep, or anything else you get something great back, like never-ending food donations or faster-mounted units, etc.
  • A set of monuments with an empty space big enough for a Wonder, if you chose to build the wonder you get X (Resources, Tech, Units, or anything appropriate.
  • If you donate over 5000 in resources to your allies without being asked you get 5 times more back.
  • Explore 98%of the map and get X benefit.

By now you get the idea, just side missions not mentioned in the instructions but hinted by the map features and maybe hinted in the instructions with something vague like “Help the Needed”, “Be Brutal”, “Be Good”, “Be Generous” “Be an Explorer” or “Be Bad”.

Yes, I did it anyway for architectural reasons, Malta (like Italy) would have Mediterranean architecture and the Circle having German architecture in aoe 3, would have to be represented by the Teutons in aoe 2…

Yes, they are very good ideas, especially the buildings to recruit mercenaries…

Some Custom Campaigns do have some “Mercenaries” options, in one of them I can just click in an allied barrack or stable to “Recruit” as many units as I could afford, they were only one option each but it was good and in a particular map (Can not remember the name) those troops will continue appearing even if your population has been maxed, so I waited to create what I needed and then spam the enemy with all the extra troops I could afford… it was fun :grinning:

In other maps, you just can buy a set of troops from a neutral or allied, like 20 Mounted Archers or 5 siege weapons.

A dedicated mercenary building would make more sense since most kingdoms throughout history hired mercenaries, but for this game I just like whatever the Custom Campaign Creators can come up with since they always try new things. and that is fun,

My idea in the simple form would be to create a new tower that would have similar stats as a wall, except for a +3 view range since is a tower, but also meaning no defense capabilities without a Siege Weapon or troops on it. Plus an increase in range.

In a more detailed form this is what I would imagine:

Max occupancy and stats in addition to their regular stats (only 1 type of siege unit per tower)

1 TREBUCHET or BOMBARD CANNONS (including upgrades) +3 Range, +3 minimal range, minus 10% accuracy

1 Onagers (including all upgrades) +2 Range +2 Minimal Range, minus 10% attack points (because in theory from a tower, the rocks will disperse too much causing less damage) minus 10% accuracy.

2 ORGAN GUNS or SCORPIONS +2 range, +1 minimal range same accuracy, and hit points

2 FLAMETHROWERS all stats the same basically making the tower a fire tower but if 2 of them are inside it would have twice the flames.

up to 10 Infantry units =1 to 5 arrows, slower than normal keeps, lower accuracy, but same distance and damage regardless of the type of units

This type of tower will have limited use, it would be as vulnerable as any wall, but also extremely cheap with no defense against units close to them, and the enemy will have the ability to destroy the units inside with minimum damage to the tower if attacked with Flamethrower, Flame Camels, petards or other flame throwers units, then you can repair and occupied the tower.

Maybe even be able to be built by infantry as a temporary defensive building??? (similar but not as good as Serjeant with Donjons)

Of course, it’s a matter of time before they put in a building of this type…

I just played The Graceful Tang Dynasty by @Kitty46582 (Mods Search - Age of Empires)

It had several of the elements I love in Costume Campaign, in particular, the fact that most scenarios started with a small winnable battle or mission that required just the basic micro-management of your troops to win, then started the real mission,

Also, the fact that have 7 scenarios and in one of them I get attacked by infinity troops was perfect,

Thank you

To add to the list
This has NO historical basis but it would be nice a “Ship” with the same use as a granary. A ship that you can station any place in the water with very slow mobility where fishing ships can drop off food from fishing or fishing nets. the equivalent of a modern Processing Ship.

I wonder if the meta would allow a Battle Mode on ships, let’s called “Beached” or “Anchored” with 1.5 the packing/unpacking times of a Trebuchet, where it would take a few seconds to activate and a few seconds to disengage. but doing so it would give all ships a plus 3 range if they are touching the shores (Beach only, not cliffs or rocky shores) or in Shallows. except for the obvious ones like demolition ships and fire ships.

This Mode would allow longer support from the sea to land units but at the cost of making them more vulnerable to other ships and land units.

Thank you to all creators

After playing ROR, I wanted to quit this game because I feel cheated, however, your costume campaigns are what keeps me here,

So, Thank you, please continue doing what you do,

BTW I am halfway done with Ultimate Sick Rick Campaign and it has something for everyone, Great battles, almost 20 scenarios, some of them are puzzles (those I skip because I don’t have the patience…LOL, even that like so many other made before they are great/fascinating) several triggers, jokes, and more. (Mods Single - Age of Empires)

Thank you to all creators for what you do.

Thank you to all the creators that have been updating their Campaigns.

Almost every time that the game is updated, some of the triggers stop working, so I highly appreciate your efforts in updating your campaigns.

Thank you :blush:

I just played Svatopluck (Mods Search - Age of Empires) and it has some of the hiding /side mission I was suggesting, I love it. :grinning:

I hope to see more of the Ideas on this discussion appear more often, Thank you to all creators for what you do,

There is something that drives me crazy (Short Drive :woozy_face:) but I love the challenge and I would like to see more of it on Custom Campaigns:

The Not Destroy or Do Not Kill scenarios.

I have lost a lot of games because I killed or destroyed a building that I was not supposed… so With that in mind I have a suggestion:

Make it where you have to find a way to stop yourself and/or your IA allied from killing or destroying something… so you may have to switch alliances at a certain point of the game to prevent the negative actions of your allies… maybe by destroying their docks or by walling them could be other options.

It would be frustrating but it would be a great challenge. :+1:

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ADVICE: (for Custom Campaigns Players)

If some Campaigns are not working or appearing:

  1. Go to the MODS tab
  2. Then to the “Installed MODS” Tab
  3. Make sure that all the boxes are marked (Unless you don’t want to play them)
  4. But then go to each tab and verify that the box is still marked, meaning go through each of the sorting tabs from “Official” through “Text” and verify that the boxes are marked on the campaigns you want to play.

I have found that after I mark all of them on the “Any” tab, some of them are not marked on the “AI” tab “Terrain” and other TABS.

That I believe is the reason some Custom Campaigns are not working or appearing in your list, it would not fix them all but it would help

Sadly you will have to do this after every patch to make sure still works.

Have recently uploaded a new campaign ’ Julius Caesar campaign part III. Finale’
is the third part of the Julius Caesar campaign, part 1 and 2 have been out for a while.

Link to part 3: Mods Single - Age of Empires


THANK YOU :grinning:

I just subscribed

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Here is one more Idea for Custom Campaigns on top of the ones in the link below:

“Armed/Disarmed” Basically when Disarmed, you lose all your armor but gain .02 walking speed and attack speed.

I can imagine at least 3 scenarios where to use it.

  • If the scenario starts with the survivors of a sinking ship, these survivors can keep their weapons, but to make it to shore they “Lose” their armor and they can not gain them back again until finding or building a Blacksmith shop.

  • Can also be a Unique Tech that you must use (according to the scenario) to move your troops through the neutral territory to avoid being attacked, and you can research it again to re-armed

  • Or as a UT you can use it to cross/swim small rivers to attack unprotected villagers or camps.
    (The idea is they can not swim with armor)

Just an idea that requires knowledge to modify files and add techs.