Costum Campaings are great

Continuing the discussion from THANK YOU, THANK YOU and THANK YOU:

As I mention before Thank you for all the hard work of all the creators of Mods, Scenarios, and Campaigns.

Below is a list of things I love about these Campaigns and other items I would like to see more often. (plus a few new ideas).

Please keep in mind that this is just my opinion based on the type of games I like (Big Battles, especially Defense Battles), and I bet more people like something different that they may want to share too…

I Love:

• The pirates (small ships that “Convert” other ships like monks converting siege engines)
• Long Campaigns (6 or more chapters)
• Change loyalties (When your allies turn on you)
• Multitude of triggers
• Beautiful Maps
• Regenerating heroes and units, especially when the hero gets stronger the more experience it gets.
• The history base campaigns (Even if is only loosely based or alternative history)
• New units and/or new values on regular units.
• The storytelling on some of the most challenging fiction-based campaigns that include puzzles (these are not my favorite ones since required a better brain than mine and patience, but they are beautiful and enjoyable)
• Packing the TC and moving it (some campaigns had a great story and requirements with this one)
• Skippable secondary objectives (some campaigns had them where you have the option to start the main battle or get some resource or experience by doing side quests first)

These are some ideas, suggestions, and things I would like to see more of:

 Larger Maps (the larger the better)
 Ability to continue the battle after the main objectives are fulfilled. (We have some campaigns like these already, I just would like most of them to be like that)
 Regenerating resources are great too
 More innovative Units, maybe some of them can one day be in the regular game.
 Mercenary Building? It would be nice if we can have a building like AOE3 where some mercenaries can be hired.
 More Skippable options and/or more campaigns with alternative endings.
 I have a dream of an “Empty Tower” with no defense capabilities unless you garrison any troops or siege engines… maybe with a 2 minimum range and plus 2 fire range with lower accuracy because it is not a dedicated defense tower.
 More History based campaigns about little know civilizations or heroes.

There is a lot more that I want to share, but for the moment I just want to mention some of the campaign creators I have played (Is not a complete list, because I unsubscribed from some of the campaigns after I played them and I cannot remember all) and one more time THANK YOU.

@PhillySouljah, @TheConqueror753, @WedInk504838973, @StereoQuasar163, and @Kitty46582 (he upload in english original Chinese created campaigns) among many more that are doing great things.

Please search for their campaings and show them some love.

Thank you.


You can put the @ symbol in front of someone’s name to mention them. Glad I made your list, did you manage to finish my puzzle scenario?

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No, I did not… I am working on it :slight_smile:

But it is a beautiful scenario

I just add the @, thank you for the tip

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Thanks for the review, I appreciate it a lot. How far have you managed to get so far?

Which campaigns did you worked?

I made a puzzle scenario, called the Pyramid of Alfireawn II.


I’ll add @Hainaut183 for Apranik and Tomislav

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I agree, thank you for the updated, I have played both of those campaigns, they are fun.

Not far enough, I do not have the attention to detail or patience (my apologies)
However, I still trying, even though I’m still working on the first quest… you did a great job, is a beautiful map, so I will continue trying :blush:

BTW I always wonder about some of these maps, approximately how many hours took you to come up with the first version (I understand that many more hours were needed in every fix or update) 300plus???

Feel free to use the hints, the objectives tab has dynamic hints, which will change depending on your level.

My one actually only took about 40 hours to make, maybe an extra hour for each update, of which I’ve done maybe three? So not too bad actually. I’m not sure how that measures up compared to others though.

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I just remember @PCDragon3979 campaign’s are also good

Hello and thanks for creating this post, custom campaigns/ scenarios are a big part of this game and they deserve more attention.
As for me, I’m currently working on my biggest project so far, a full campaign (6 scenarios or more, yet to be decided). I will give more details soon. Btw some of you might be experiencing some bugs in ‘‘sertorius’’ campaign, it seems like the new update broke the AI and some of the triggers, will try to fix it asap.


Please let us know as soon you upload your Campaign (if possible add a link)

I just finished Peter I of Cyprus (Mods Single - Age of Empires)

Most of the scenarios start with a small battle or side quest, all winnable with basic skills. Still, the better you do these side quests or manage these minor conflicts, the more military units you will have left to protect your base while you work on your defenses or economy.

Thank you to all that continue creating these campaigns.


Just for everyone to know how much effort takes to create these Campaigns and mods, please let us how many hours approximately took you to create them, please.

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40 hours for my puzzle scenario. More though if you include time I spent thinking about it outside of ingame, maybe another few hours planning stuff in my head.

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40 Hrs for 1 scenario, and as you point out that is just the actual working time, plus concept development (Thinking) can add a lot more, then multiply by 4 to 11 scenarios in a campaign… that would blow up from 40 to 200-400 hrs plus.

That is a lot of work that I am grateful for it, Thank you.

As I mentioned in another conversation (Outdated custom campaigns are no longer playable - #7 by Louis0108) you and all the creators of Campaign and Mods should get some reward, as a creator, please give us your input on the subject.

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Try bayan temur, great custom campaign.

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Thank you, I will play it soon.

I am remaking the campaign of Blood, China and the historical battles (those of the 16th century obviously) from AoE 3 in AoE 2…

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