Costum Co-Op Campaigne

Is there a way to create costum Campaigns form you custom secnerios.
I can’t seem to find a way.

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Go to the game editor
Go to Create a campaign, name it, then add the scenarios you have already saved

Even Co-Op ones?

I believe so, however I have not tried to do it.

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Is there anyway I can get custom scenarios and custom campaigns into again a custom scenario?

Please find the link


However, you will have to separate the scenarios individually, then create the new campaign and add all the scenarios you want in whichever order you like.

I created it my campaign with my favorite scenarios from 9 other campaigns (including some modifications I made to those scenarios)

It is fun and possible, enjoy :blush:

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I wanted a scenario with campaigns, is it possible?

I do not know

We may be using the terms wrong… a campaign is a collection of scenarios/maps.

A scenario is a single map with or without triggers.

So, with that definition I would say no???

Yeah, but I still have no clue whether we can completely not make a scenario out of campaigns or not, because of the link I pasted in the former post.

I see in that case the answer is no.

However, if you know how to implement triggers, you can have several missions in the same scenario.

Another option that I use since I can only do a few triggers, is that after I get my heroes or buildings to do what I want, I save the scenario, then make modifications and save it with a different name, in this way I can change the map features, but my heroes and buildings triggers stay the same.

Is all try and fail, but can be fun.

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I’ll continue trying. Thnaks so far.